Golf Ball Accidents

Who is Liable for Golf Ball Accidents?

Since the 1998 golf injury in UK that favored the complainant’s side over the golfer, more claims for golf ball accidents have been filed every year. Golfers and golf courses are becoming more conscious of their actions and the status of their insurances. Approximately 12,000 golf related injuries are filed each year and 3,530 of these injuries are on the head.

The liability often falls on the golf course since only 10% of golfers have golf injuries covered in their home insurances, but the latter has learned to acquire insurances, too, just in case.

Claiming Compensation from the Golf Course

Solicitors specializing in golf injuries will often advice the complainants to immediately report the injury to the golf course. An investigation should be done immediately in order to identify if the accident is caused by the golfer or the golf course. The golf course may be held liable if;

  • there proved to be inadequate fences used to catch mis-hit golf balls; or
  • there is a lack of signage that warns passersby of flying golf balls

If it is proven that the golf course failed in implementing the rules recommended by health and safety officials, there is a great chance for the compensation claim to be valid.

Claiming Compensation from the Golfer

In 1998, the case of Anthony Lighting having injured a lorry by the golf ball he shot favored the complainant. The ruling stated that golfers are held liable for any injuries caused by a mis-hit. This led to golfers seriously considering getting golf insurance for what they thought was a safe sport. Though most claims go after golf courses, personal injury insurance involving golf has increased.

Requirements for Claiming Compensation

Like any other accident claims, necessary documents should be gathered and solicitors should be consulted. First thing that the complainant should do is report at the golf course and make sure the incident is recorded in an accident report book. Since golf courses also have clinics, the complainants can get their injuries (if not fatal) checked in there and then ask for a recommendation in case of transfer to a hospital. Medical documents should be compiled and if possible, witnesses from both parties should be present upon confirmation of injuries. Also, evidence should be gathered in the form of pictures or videos.

Once the liable party is identified, there might be settlements offered to the complainant. It is up to them to accept any negotiations that they think mirror their best interests. The claim is usually valid for 3 years from the date of the accident. If the complainant is still under 18 years of age, the validity of the claim will start on the 18th birthday.

As for the solicitor, consultation is mostly free and there are lots of companies that can be contacted through their websites. The complainant can send an e-mail or call the solicitor’s office. Their advice is golden and their help is essential in winning a claim, especially if they specialize in golf accidents.

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