Faulty Automatic Doors: Accidents and Injuries

Because of modern technology, automatic doors can be seen relatively anywhere, in hospitals, apartments, business establishments, airports, restaurants, and especially in shops. These automatic doors are engineered to make lives more convenient. However, they can also be a cause of accidents and injuries.

Automatic doors may malfunction, open and suddenly close while a person is still walking through. This failure happens when automatic doors are not installed as it should be, poorly maintained, not inspected on a regular basis, and have defective sensors or pieces. All these may result to damage to property and more seriously, may cause physical injury to unwary customers.

Below are some of the injuries that can be obtained after an accident with automatic doors.

Injuries to the Hands and Wrists

Hands and wrists sprain and fractures are a common complaint following an automatic door accident. The upper extremities are the first line of defense from the impact caused by closing automatic doors. Therefore, the hands and the wrists receive reasonable amount of pressure and get injured from this.

Back and Spinal Cord Injuries

Too much impact from abrupt closing of automatic doors may cause an individual to fall. Depending on how heavy the fall is, a person may obtain mild bruises on the lower part of the back and worse, may get fractured spinal cord and dislocated discs.

One fourth of the reported cases of spinal cord injuries are caused by falls. A significant percentage of these falls happen because of being hit by automatic doors.

Also, direct blow to the back and the top part of the head can be reasons for back pains and injuries.

Broken Nose

Parts of the face are also vulnerable to damages due to dysfunctional automatic doors. These power operated doors may hit on a person’s nose forcefully. Such powerful impact on a fragile body part like the nose may rupture its tissues. If bleeding, bruises, swelling, and difficulty breathing happen after the impact, the likelihood of a nose fracture is high.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Apparently, the head is a delicate part of the body because it contains the brain. If an object strikes the head with a powerful impact, the brain may get deformed, traumatized and may not function as it should be.

Such brain injury can happen because the head is one body part that may initially be knocked by automatic doors.


An amputation is the removal of a limb or a part of the limb after being smashed. Impossible as it may seem, this is one of the most typical automatic door-related injury and more frequently, children under the age of four severely suffer from it.

In most cases, the fingers get amputated after being crushed by these power-operated doors.

Because of the increasing number of these accidents and injuries, automatic doors today are designed to be safer to use than before. Microwave, infrared, and a mixture of both are now being utilized to make sensors detect approaching individuals more accurately and react more rapidly to it. With this improvement, the public can now expect a more secure and protected environment.

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