Accidents in University Campuses

When Campuses Become Unsafe

When your children are in school the whole day, you know that they are safe, right? But what if they get involved in accidents and get injured? Accidents happen anywhere when you least expect them – at home, at the grocery, at office, and in school. Just have to be prepared for whatever and you have to make sure that your kids are aware of that.

It is the responsibility of school officials and their maintenance personnel to ensure that teachers, students, and staff members are provided with a clean and safe school environment. Kids practically spend more time in school than they do at home, and parents trust that their children are well cared for, no matter if they are in pre-school or in college.

So when a student is involved in an accident and gets injured, no matter how minor it may be, parents can go to court and ask for personal injury compensation from the school. Accidents in campuses can be traumatic for anybody, especially for the victim. Depending on what kind of accident they were involved in and the extent of their injury, they can be scarred for life, literally.

Compensation claims can cover hospitalization expenses. If there are rehabilitation and therapy sessions needed, that should also cover the claim. For any kid, more than the physical suffering, the hardest part is living in trauma that the same would happen in the future. The anxiety that it happened once, it could happen again, if the school doesn’t make the necessary corrections and adjustments.

The parents can also include compensation that will cover how much income that they stand to lose in case they had to quit their jobs to care for the child. The lost of wages, or worst the termination of work of any parent can take its toll.

The negligence of the school management and personnel has to be established. These are just some of the instances that you can cite negligence:

  • Common accidents like tripping on unkempt school grounds.
  • Slippery floors without proper warning signs.
  • Defective chairs and tables and other school equipment.
  • Food poisoning from eating meals in the school canteen.
  • Assault while in the campus premises.
  • Sports-related accident.
  • Falling objects hitting students.
  • Requiring the students to carry heavy objects or equipment for without proper training.
  • Accidents in laboratories without the proper safety measures in place.
  • Exposure to chemicals due to the carrying out of experiments without the necessary safety precautions in place.

The establishment of negligence might be difficult and you will need witnesses who will corroborate your arguments. It is important that a student reports any accident that happens inside the school campus, even if they are not a part or involved in it. There should always be complete and accurate account of the incident for reference. It doesn’t matter if they are minor or major accidents, the most important thing is that they are reported and recorded as they happen.

A complete doctor’s diagnosis and recommendation is important. If you have questions about personal injury claims, make sure you get in touch with a reputable personal injury lawyer.