Accidents Can Happen Everywhere

The school is every child’s second home. Parents trust that their kids will be safe there, after all, almost half of their days are spent in school. So news about accidents and injuries happening in school premises alarms a lot of people. How safe are the kids in school?

During recess, kids troop to the school playground not just to take their snacks but also to play as they take a break from school work. Think about monkey bars, slides, swings, and see-saws, among other things. However, kids can get seriously injured without proper supervision or because of damaged equipment.

The most common accidents and injuries in school playgrounds may stem from the following:

  • Defective equipment like loose screws on swings or see-saws making them unsafe.
  • Poorly maintained equipment.
  • Failure to replace equipment that is no longer safe to use.
  • Rusty equipment that puts children at risk of cuts and infection.
  • Improperly installed items.
  • Unkempt grounds causing tripping hazards.
  • Holes on the floor or slippery grounds.
  • Poor supervision.

Injuries range from minor cuts and bruises to fractures or worst, head traumas; and sometimes they can be due to the kids’ playfulness and extreme mischievousness. Teachers have the responsibility to look after their pupils. However, these teachers can only do so much. What if the injuries were caused by extreme negligence on the part of the school and their utility/maintenance team?

While kids can cause injuries among themselves, one cannot discount the possibility that they can be hurt because of improper maintenance of the school playground equipment. The management has to ensure that all equipments are inspected on a regular basis to check for defects and/or lose screws then make the necessary adjustments and repairs when needed. Missing parts, sharp objects and edges, and loose connections have to be monitored.

Safety precautions has to be in place, knowing that children can be unruly and not even the best supervision from teachers can prevent them from hurting themselves. Teachers, more than supervision, have to know basic first aid treatments so that they can administer right away before bringing an injured kid to the school clinic or to the local hospital in extreme cases.

The equipment in place should consider the age of the students who will use them. You risk injuring a child if you have climbing panels and/or monkey bars that are too tall, pre-school and elementary students might have a hard time and can lead to accidents.

Should your kid get injured in school premises as a result of improperly maintained playground equipment and area, parents can file for compensation for the injury incurred. A lawyer that specializes in personal injury claims can help you develop the case against the management.

You have to ensure that after the accident, the child was given medical care and then get a complete assessment report from the doctor. It would be a burden to prove that the injury was caused by the school’s negligence and not your child’s and a good personal injury lawyer would be able to help you with that.