Accidents in Hair Salons

Hair Salon Negligence Leads to Losing Self-Confidence

Accidents in hair salons are mainly caused by hairdresser negligence. People go to hairdressing salons for hair treatment and embellishment to have more confidence and be more beautiful on a special event or big occasion. Present in a hair salon are electrical hair therapy devices, hair dyeing chemicals and other hazardous hair treatment substances. When improperly applied, these materials can cause damage to the hair or scalp of the customer.

One of the common accidents in hairdressing salons is the inattentive use of hair salon equipment such as hair straighteners and hair curlers. These equipments are extremely heated and once have a direct contact with the face, ears, or scalp, it may cause some serious problems like burns or blisters. What to do now?

The best thing to do is to see a general practitioner (GP) or a dermatologist and have the burns and blisters treated as soon as possible before they become worse.

Another common type of hair salon accident is burning of hair. Many, especially, women suffer extreme loss of self-confidence after having an accidentally burnt hair while on a treatment at a hair salon. How to gain back self-confidence?

  • Get rid of the burnt hair by trimming it. Sadly and seriously, no treatment or remedy can restore the life of already fried hair. Burned hair will not return to its original good condition. Just wait until new hair will grow but do not expect it to be the same quality with the original.
  • Have a deep hair conditioning. There are some materials in your kitchen area or refrigerator that could help condition your burnt hair. Hair is made up of protein so things like egg whites, which are rich in protein, can really help you smooth down your hair. Others use mayonnaise that is mainly made of eggs, and oil - another element that is rich in protein, necessary to somehow refurbish vitality of your hair. This also depends on a case to case basis. You cannot apply this procedure unless your doctor has already prescribed you something to treat your damaged hair.
  • Get rid of using any heated hair styling tool. If cannot, then you can just limit the time using it. You may schedule straightening or curling of your hair. It could be one or twice a week.
  • Know the exact cause of the hair damage and request for a free repair treatment from the hairdresser.
  • Protect your hair from direct sunlight and use some hair protection when you are in a place where the temperature is high.

The third example of an accident in hair salon is melting of the scalp.

There was a sad incident in Sydney, Australia with a 12-year old teenager that had her scalp severely damaged and gave her a lifetime embarrassment and depression as the hairdresser accidently burnt not only her hair but also her scalp. Brooke, not her real name, had to undergo a reconstructive surgery to repair her hairline. And sadly, the first-timer to a hair salon young woman will never be able to grow long hair anymore.

Taking everything into account, it can be inferred that accidents in hair salons are obviously caused by hairdressers’ negligence. So never be complacent and always be aware.