Accidents in Beauty Salons

Beauty Salon Negligence Could Fail to Boost Self-Confidence

Beauty Salon (also referred to as beauty parlour or beauty shop) is an a place that offers cosmetic therapies to men and women and provides more generalized services that include skin, facial, or hair treatments and enhancements, hair removal, aromatherapy, foot spa, body massage, and many other services. These elements differentiate a beauty salon from a hair salon.

Several men and women today go to beauty salons for regular beauty treatments and find it as an enjoyable experience. They go to beauty salons to boost their self-confidence and to feel better about themselves.

But for some people, having a cosmetic treatment could be their worst nightmare. Here are the three common accidents in beauty salons:

  • Injury caused by wax removals
    If someone plans to remove your unwanted hair in your body: face, underarms, thighs or legs, waxing is one way to deal with it. Waxing is a painful process but the pain is not long-lasting. However, there are some circumstances that waxing brings about problems and gives customers a literally sore feeling to a waxed body area. These problems may be triggered whether by overheating of the wax or by not pulling off the wax strip strongly enough so that the skin is left torn or scratched.
    If you are a new customer to a waxing treatment, you should see to it that you are not allergic to any waxing chemicals used in the waxing process. Or better, you should be asked of any medical conditions whether to refuse the treatment or continue with paramount precautionary measures.
  • Injury from a Laser beauty treatment
    Laser beauty treatment has been very popular nowadays, especially, that it is believed to have minimal risks compared to other forms of treatment. It can also be used as an alternative to waxing treatment in case you want to have a hair removal procedure.
    Nonetheless, if the procedures of this therapy were not properly executed, e.g. overexposure to laser, some skin damages would occur such as burns, scarring, and skin pigmentations. Again, therapists should ask customers about any medical conditions and test his or her skin first before applying the treatment.
  • Burns from Tanning treatments
    Whether a sunbed treatment or spraying false tan, people are now fond of having a tan colour to achieve a healthier glow of skin. However, tanning treatment has caused so many skin problems. For instance, the sunbed laser treatment could burn a person a lot faster than the predetermined time and would give high probability to the person to have skin cancer in such a case that the equipment malfunctions or has been badly maintained before using. Spraying of false tan to the skin triggers allergic reactions that would affect your endocrine system.
  • Sunbed treatment or applying fake tan colour, one or the other needs proper guidance from therapists and guardians.

All things considered, if you suffer from any of these accidents in beauty salons, it would give you both physical and emotional trauma. These circumstances can give you a long-term misery and downheartedness.

Before you decide trying any of these mentioned beauty treatments, ensure the following: 1) the expertise of the beauty therapist, 2) the quality of the equipment to be used, and 3) the chemicals to be applied in the beauty treatment process, to prevent these beauty salon accidents to happen. Otherwise, beauty salon negligence could probably fail to boost your self-confidence.

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